John McGuire on Feedback, Responsibility, and Community

John McGuire on Feedback, Responsibility, and Community
May 22, 2017 Nhat Pham

On this episode of Success Secrets, we are joined by John McGuire, the founder of SEAL Team PT.

John is a retired Navy SEAL with ten years of service who is now dedicated to helping people raise their confidence, leadership skills, and physical fitness through his training program. Started as an incidental side project, SEAL Team PT is a fitness organization dedicated to helping “teams and individuals reaching their full potentials.”

He is also a motivational speaker, hailed by major corporations as having an “impactful story” and “inspiring mission” (EBG, Brett Reizen, Cofounder and CEO). He has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, CBS, and FOX.

Join us in Episode 20 as we discuss the importance of core values to a successful entrepreneur, including feedback, responsibility, resolve, the balance of individuality and community, and more.


A few of the questions I ask:

  • What was it that got you to start SEAL Team PT?
  • Do you think your time in military service helped train you to create the business?
  • How did you translate your military training into a business mindset?
  • What were some of the challenges you faced to success? How did you overcome them?
  • Is what you’re doing as much mental as physical training? How important is that balance in business?
  • How did you transfer the Navy SEALs standards to your business?
  • What is unique about you, or your SEAL training, that’s made the “first in, last out” culture of success something you can share with your entire team?
  • What are two or three keys to bringing people together the way you do?
  • How did you train non-SEALs to be able to do what you do?
  • How can an entrepreneur of a smaller business use the “If you’re small, look big” philosophy for their business?
  • Are there any key things in your business that helped make you successful that other businesses could use?
  • How did you stay positive through a major injury with such a physical job?
  • Do you think it was more nature or nurture that brought you to where you are?
  • What philosophies have led you to a bigger, public scale in your business?
  • What is it in business that you think needs to change, and how can you personally make an impact?
  • How can somebody acquire more mental toughness to succeed in life?
  • What do you think are your three guiding success principles, in or out of business?
  • And, of course, our Speed Round!


In this episode you will learn:

  • The value of opportunity and personal fulfillment
  • The importance of balancing individual and community needs for success
  • Focusing on the individuals as the most important asset in a company
  • How to grow and develop from feedback
  • The power of perseverance on a personal and professional level
  • How relationships truly affect the business environment and success
  • How to show leadership to promote unity and productivity
  • The need for genuine interaction and appreciation with your company
  • John’s E1H formula for success

Ways to connect to John McGuire:

Vietnamese Refugee turned Marketer, Entrepreneur, Social Media #Strategist #Speaker @SUCCESSWERKS Inspiring Ideas for the Elite, Unique & Boutique. Co-Founder of Two Twelve Referral Network, Referral Authority, Avid Student of Success & Workout Nut.


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