Fitness, Goals and Commitment with Craig Coles

Fitness, Goals and Commitment with Craig Coles
January 12, 2016 Nhat Pham

I first met Craig Coles through a friend to help with the marketing of Craig’s GO.A.L. Sports Specific Training Facility. After meeting Craig and feeling his energy, passion and knowledge of the fitness industry; I got hooked and started my quest to a total body transformation. While this video and now audio podcast, originally the interview was done back in January 2014, the message still applies today.

After training with Craig, I went from 31% body fat down to 10% body fat and I am in the best shape of my life. All of this is thanks to my personal body trainer, Craig Coles. He’s helped me shred and cut down, not to mention grow stronger, which I am most excited about. It’s no wonder why star athletes from High School to College and even professional athletes in the NFL (Including Tim Hightower currently with the New Orleans Saints, Antone Exum of Minnesota Vikings , MLB (John Hicks of Seattle MarinersKyle Bogese of the Philadelphia Phillies, Ben Verlander of the Detroit Tigers, USA Olympic Team (Hiter Harris USA Bob Sled Team) and everything in between train with Craig.

I believe being physically fit is such an important part of success and happiness, I felt it was important to repost this as Episode 5 of Success Secrets Podcast with Craig Coles.

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“Let’s NOT call it a resolution but a solution.”

A Few of the Questions I Ask:

  • What can you do to start getting back into fitness? 
  • How do you approach creating a regiment?
  • How do you find out where you are?
  • What is the “inBody?
  • How do you find out where you are?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Easy Steps to Getting Into a Fitness Routine.
  • The Importance of Functional Movements
  • Setting Goals and Making Them Commitments
  • Not Setting Time Limits
  • And Much More.

Seeking Additional Success Secrets: 

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