The Four Questions You Must Answer to Make a Sale

The Four Questions You Must Answer to Make a Sale
September 21, 2017 MJ

The Four Questions You Must Answer to Make a Sale

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I learned this from my mentor, Patrick Moran. He says there’s four questions you must answer to make a sale. And this is more for higher-ticket items, for sure. A stick of gum may not apply as much.

But the four questions you must answer are:

Is your product or service going to do what it says it’s going to do? Whatever you’re pitching, are you going to deliver on that?

Am I justified in the price you’re asking for? Is there value there? Value is essentially, what I’m giving you in money, the product has to do more than what I’ve exchanged for it. Essentially, is what you’re asking for justified in the price of your product or service?

Why should I get it now? The urgency piece; why should I get it now? Infomercials do a great job of this, because they say, “If you don’t buy this in the next ten minutes you don’t get the extra set of Ginsu knives”, right? They’re telling you “urgency”. They’ve got that clock, counting, ticking, ticking, ticking, ticking. So why should I buy it now? And that’s one of the biggest stoppers for sales, whether it’s marketing or direct sales.

And finally, you’re paid to say these things. Who else says so other than you? You see all the time on TV: “I used to look like this, now I look like this,” “I used to have twenty-nine pots and pans, now I can set it together with this one piece of cookware.” So what are the testimonials you have? Testimonials are huge.

Until I see you online, be successful and stay social.

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