What We Can Learn About Marketing From the Movie Joy

What We Can Learn About Marketing From the Movie Joy
September 8, 2017 MJ

What We Can Learn About Marketing from the Movie Joy

Photo credit usatoday.com

Photo credit usatoday.com

I want to talk about how the movie Joy can apply to your marketing.

You’ve seen the movie Joy, right? Jennifer Lawrence, the Mop Lady, gets on QVC, makes tons of money.

There’s a scene in it where Bradley Cooper walks Jennifer Lawrence down QVC and he says “A very smart man once told me ‘If you tell someone something once, they don’t listen. If you tell them four times, they still won’t listen. You tell them nine times, they begin to listen.’”

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And that is the importance of marketing and marketing automation. See, marketing automation lets you drip these messages so they can see you on a regular basis. Retargeting is important because they see you again, they’re reminded of you.

Because they don’t really hear it the first time.

So when you think about your marketing, think about ways that you can get in front of that person over and over and over and they hear your message.

You’ve probably seen that awareness video where I say awareness is not just a recognition of your logo, but an understanding of what it is you do. Check that video out so you can get a deeper and more in-depth understanding of that piece there.

But marketing automation allows you to do what Bradley Cooper said, right? Get them to listen: nine times before they begin to listen.

So think about that movie. Get that scene and pay attention to it next time you watch that movie. But then take that and apply it to your marketing. How are you able to get people to listen over and over and over again?

That’s what Coca-Cola does, right? Every time they throw an ad every five minutes on TV. Or McDonald’s on radio. They know that you have to listen to them over and over and over before they begin to listen.

So, apply the movie Joy to your marketing.

And until we meet each other online, be successful and stay social.

You can click here to watch the full video.


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