Interview with Craig Coles of GOAL Performance

Interview with Craig Coles of GOAL Performance
October 27, 2015 Nhat Pham

Hey everybody, I’m Nhat Pham. I am a public speaker, author, and Chief Strategist from SUCCESSWERKS. We are here to bring you more information about how to get your body right. In the last year, I have made big changes in my life. I went down from 31% body fat to 10% body fat and I am in the best shape of my life. All of this is thanks to my personal body trainer, Craig Coles. He’s helped me shred and cut down, not to mention grow stronger, which I am most excited about.

When asked about tips for helping people get started with fitness, Craig gave an amazing quote: “Let’s not call it a New Year’s’ resolution. Let’s call it a solution.” Getting fit is something that a person can only really do when they really want to do it. It’s much harder to do because you have to. It is not something you can predict within a certain time.

Craig emphasizes goal setting in fitness. Fitness is all about setting small goals to go towards a much larger goal. If your goal is to become stronger, instead of reaching for the 50 lb dumbbell, start with the 10lb dumbbell. And instead of starting with a mile, try walking half a mile. Craig stated, “Start off with commitment and get the ball rolling.” And as someone in the past has told me, “Inch by inch, it’s a cinch”. It is important to start small and steadily work forward.

Craig starts off by having clients do a Functional Movement Screening. This measures how functional a person’s movement patterns are. It finds any deficiencies in the body before any muscle is built. They also use InBody 230, which figures out details in your body. It tells your fat to muscle ratio, your water level, and even skeletal muscle weight in one report.

To use the InBody 230, you have to take your shoes off and grab the two handle bars. On each handle bar, there are pads where your thumbs rest at. The machine sends electrodes through your body. They stick to bone, muscle, and tissue, and returns a report about what you’re made of. It’s similar to Google in a sense. When I had taken the test, I was shocked to find that my body fat percentage was 31%. Right away, I started setting goals to try and get my body fat down to 10%. I made small goals for myself to reach. I started with the low 20s as my first goal. Then, I went down to the lower teens. And I kept moving down from there.

Fitness is all about commitment. Picking a goal and working towards is the best way to getting fit. Craig will be coming back at a later date to talk about hypertrophy, which is the increase in volume of an organ or tissue due to enlargement of cells. He will also talk about his new 1-by-20 rep. You just do one set, but 20 reps. This exercise does amazing things to my body and I’m still trying to figure out the science.

Please comment below and let us know what you think and what you would like to see in future blogs. My name is Nhat Pham and remember: Be successful and be the best you you can be.

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  1. Camden Giroux 8 years ago

    Great interview! I love coach Coles he pushes you to your limits and that’s what you need with a personal trainer!

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