David Nour on Relationship Economics, Social Media & Listening Louder

David Nour on Relationship Economics, Social Media & Listening Louder
November 15, 2016 Nhat Pham

I met David Nour thru the National Speakers Assocation back in 2009 and instantly connected with his message of “Relationship Economics” while I enjoyed his dynamic talk and presentation. With many common interests; including social media, speaking, and eagerness to learn, we hit it off. While working with him on the original releases of Social Networking Best Practices; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Editions; I had a chance to absorb, understand, and implement his principles and mindset.

David’s thought leadership of Relationship Economics®– the quantifiable value of business relationships, is well known. But his work ethic is second to none. He delivers over 50 keynotes, globally, each year and has attracted over 100 marquee organizations including Disney, HP, and IBM driving tremendous growth through his ideas, tools, and strategies. In addition, David shares his insights through articles and blog posts published in notable publications such as the New York Times, Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Success Magazine – to name a few!

David has many follow up books and resources to his notable Relationship Economics(available on Amazon) including Return on Impact, Connectability, Relationship Currency and others you can find on his site.

What I truly admire about David is even with all his success, he has been so gracious with his time, energy and resources in helping speakers, non-profits and the community. David is a joy to talk with and doesn’t throw you a lot of jargon and talk above you. He has diverse interest including his family, community and motorcycle riding. 

On this Episode of Success Secrets, David will share the how to quantify relationships & nurturing them, his approach hustle, learning and having a global mindset. A must listen if you are an executive, entrepreneur or just want to be able to do more and get more out of business and life.


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“We are the product of the advice we take.”

A Few of the Questions I Ask:

  • Where did you come up with Relationship Economics?
  • How do you quantify relationships?
  • What is the difference between hustle and hardwork?
  • How did you manage relationships across hi-tech and hi-touch mediums?
  • What are your thoughts on posting about politics on Social Media?
  • Should business people visit more outside of the country?
  • How do you create more confidence with in yourself?
  • What things do you do to create balance as an Entrepreneur?
  • What are your 3 success secrets?
  • AND a special speed round of questions.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Quantifying the value of relationships
  • What are 2AM relationships and how to nurture them
  •  Managing relationships across the glove
  • Why David started to post non-business items on social networks.
  • The importance of visiting outside the country
  • Integrating an immigrant mindset with our modern U.S. culture
  • David’s approach to planning
  • The importance of #NeverStopGrowing
  • How David “balances” his professional and personal life
  • and much more… 

Seeking Additional Success Secrets: 

You can connect to all of David’s social media outlets at::


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