Troy Webber on Relevance, Innovation, and Maximization

Troy Webber on Relevance, Innovation, and Maximization
November 17, 2017 MJ

Started in the late 1930’s and bought by the Webber family in 1947, Chesterfield Auto Parts has been the go-to name in Richmond for self-service automotive repair and automotive parts for its 70 year history.

Troy Webber took over the family business in 2008, and under his direction they have opened a third yard, dedicated exclusively to trucks, as well as built a solid social media footprint to align themselves with the newer technology and the ever-changing market.

Join us today on episode 22 as Troy and Nhat discuss the importance of continuous and relevant education and training, and building a team of both in-house and third party expertise, and focusing on maximizing what you do best to help your business thrive.


A Few of the Questions I Ask:

  • What was it like to take over such a business at so relatively young an age?
  • How did your father groom you to be ready for business ownership, specifically with this industry?What were some of the things your father did well in passing down the business and preparing you for that leadership role? What is some advice you’d give to other entrepreneurs getting ready to pass down a business through family?
  • How have you seen this industry change since your family has started running this company?
  • How do you go about testing for innovation before making the leap in to action?
  • What started some of the big changes for Chesterfield Auto Parts?
  • What your mindset in your expansion and specialization of spaces?
  • How do you identify and lead people into new visions and shifts in your market?
  • What was your approach for marketing, not just with the new truck yard, but in general?
  • Do you have a core lesson or guideline you run by when it comes to bringing in new customers?
  • What mistakes or challenges did you run in to that you didn’t expect?
  • What do you think is the next trend in your industry, or business at large?
  • How do you decide what community organizations to give back to?
  • What instigated you into becoming a volunteer in EMS?
  • And our speed round!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The importance of forethought and long-term planning,
  • Why you should embrace change and adapt with the market to allow you to thrive.
  • What being involved with your local and national associations, having good people to work for you, keeping involved with similar businesses can do for your business.
  • The value of learning your market and catering to their needs and tastes.
  • The benefit of keeping yourself in the customer’s awareness.
  • Why hiring the people with the expertise to fulfill your need allows you to concentrate on maximizing what you do best.
  • How listening and adjusting through customer feedback helps your business.
  • The importance of a developed social media presence.
  • The necessity of understanding and catering to your changing demographic.

Ways to Contact Chesterfield Auto Parts:

  • Chesterfield Auto Parts Site
  • Chesterfield Auto Parts Facebook


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