Mark Smith on Contributing to the Community & Flourishing in a Franchise

Mark Smith on Contributing to the Community & Flourishing in a Franchise

I have heard Mark Smith throughout the years on the radio supporting some of Richmond’s non-profits by giving a free oil change in exchange for a pint of blood for Virginia Blood Services or a can of food for Feedmore. 

After crossing paths through great organizations like The Retail Merchant Association and getting to know him more through boards and coffee talks, I realize how sharp of a business leader he is along with contributing to the community. 

I realized I had to share his knowledge and insights on how he successfully grows a business while impacting the local community in such a big way. Mark dives into his path of growing into an entrepreneur, the challenges and the keys to running a successful franchise. I think you will really enjoy not only his insights, but Mark’s great radio voice in this episode 8 of Success Secrets. A must listen if you’re thinking about buying a franchise or flourishing in a franchise.

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“The things that are important to you, make sure they are important to your team. Be on Message.”

A Few of the Questions I Ask:

  • How did you get into the franchise business? 
  • Why did you choose RVA to start your franchise? 
  • What is the biggest Challenge you caught early on?
  • How do you have high employee retention?
  • What is the key to building a great company culture?
  • Why did you go with radio as your primary media method?
  • What was your thought process of sticking with a franchise brand or going on your own?
  • Why don’t franchises use their Co-OP dollars?
  • Where is the next big disruption in your industry?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Growing through Cause Marketing
  • Finding the Cause that Works for You
  • The Importance of the Right Business Model
  • Keys to Retaining Employees
  • How to Buy a Franchise
  • The Importance of Understanding a UFOC
  • The 5 Things Mark Focuses On 
  • and Much More…

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