Episode X: Highlights to Success with Nhat Pham

Episode X: Highlights to Success with Nhat Pham
July 11, 2016 Nhat Pham

Wow! We are on episode X of our Success Secrets podcast!

This is a perfect opportunity to take a look back at all our amazing guests who shared some of their success secrets.

I knew these talented and successful individuals would give so much valuable information to the listening audience. The bonus is getting a front row seat to an MBA course in Success. In this episode, we take a look back at our previous nine guests and a few of the major nuggets of wisdom they shared. We will share some excerpts of these interviews, so make sure to go back and listen to the full episodes for the ones that resonate with you, the most. You never know what idea or spark will revolutionize your business or your life!Subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud or RSS.

Nhat Pham Success Secrets Episode X“You must be an active participant in your own success.”

Our first 9 episodes:

In This Episode:

  • Patrick Morin’s Confidence Continuum 1:19
  • An Mekong’s 3 Principles of Business  7:45
  • Tom Byrd turning the Corner 11:05
  • Susan RoAne’s New Rooms to Work 15:55
  • Craig Coles to Start on Fitness 24:22
  • Allison Evanow on PR vs Marketing 26:40
  • Laura Stack Good things over Great Things 31:53
  • Mark Smith on Focus on 5 Things 37:45
  • Alex Bartholomous talks Preparation 43: 28

Please comment below and let us know what you thought about this podcast or if you have any other feedback. If you got value from this, we would appreciate it if you shared this on your social networks and subscribe and rate on iTune and SoundCloud. Thanks for all your support. – Nhat Success Secrets – Episode 9. Interview with Alex Bartholomaus on the Marathon of Elite Business Performance. 

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