Lisa Schaffner on Passion, Personal Branding & Donating for Life

Lisa Schaffner on Passion, Personal Branding & Donating for Life

I met Lisa Schaffner years ago through various organizations and even had the pleasure to be co-hosts in a local parade. Lisa is such a tremendous individual and someone I look to over the years as an amazing communicator and understands personal branding.

After becoming the first woman news anchor in Richmond, on the local ABC Network affiliate WRIC-TV8 for over 20 years, Lisa became the “Face” of UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) as the PR and Marketing Director. Beyond being an advocate and champion for organ donation, she impacts the Richmond, VA community serving as a board member on area non-profits, including the Central Virginia Foodbank, Meals on Wheels, Easter Seals Virginia and Maymont.

On this Episode of Success Secrets, Lisa shares going after what you want, personal branding, the impact of being an organ donor and her secrets to success.

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“Sometimes you have to let go of who you are to become who you suppose to be.”

A Few of the Questions I Ask:

  • How did you get into broadcasting?
  • What is the difference between a reporter vs anchor?
  • What is the key to partnerships?
  • How do you quickly establish rapport?
  • What was the key in breaking through as a woman?
  • How do you balance it all?
  • What is the plan to market and get the word out on UNOS?
  • How do you incorporate your personal brand with your business brand?
  • What is the impact of signing up for organ donation?
  • What are your 3 success secrets?
  • AND a special speed round of questions.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  •  How to sell yourself
  •  Planning a massive career change
  • What to do to get the media to pay attention to you
  • Preparing vs. “winging it”
  • Intuition vs Logic 
  • Personal Brand vs Business Brand
  • Going small to go BIG
  • Her Secrets to SUCCESS
  • and much more… 

Seeking Additional Success Secrets: 

You can connect to all of Lisa’s social at::

Facebook (You have to follow her page as she’s maxed her 5000 friend limit on Facebook)

Twitter (Lots of neat behind the scenes here)

Email ( You can actually reach her on her personal email. WOW!)

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