Chris Kalentzos on Faith, Family, and Business

Chris Kalentzos on Faith, Family, and Business

Chris Kalentzos CEO of Marva Marble discusses faith, family, and business in this episode of SUCCESS Secrets. Chris’s ability to weave these three areas into his life has been a remarkable testament to his success.

With all the success they have had, this family-oriented business at its core lives their mission and values. Not many would put a bible verse within its core value statement “The Lord is my Shephard; I shall not want.” Psalm: 23:1. 

If you are looking to build a company which is driven by values, Episode 19 of Success Secrets is a must listen with Chris Kalentzos of Marva Marble.

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A Few of the Questions I Ask:

  • How did you get started?
  • What was the mindset of including
  • How did you come up with your value statement?
  • How do you stand out?
  • How do you run a Family business without stepping on toes?
  • How do you attract great people who reflect your brand?
  • How do you know when to Contract and when to grow?
  • How do you Market?
  • Does faith have a place in Business?
  • How do you stay ahead in your industry?
  • What’s the next big innovation?
  • And our Speed Round Questions.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The Power that we can draw from the World
  • The 3 Step process for making money in business
  • The importance of personal AND company branding
  • The Difference between Vendors vs. Partners
  • Who Chris admires the most in business
  • When to sell and when to grow
  • Managing a family owned business
  • Staying ahead of the market
  • Trusting in the Universe
  • And Much More

Ways to connect with Chris Kalentzos:

Vietnamese Refugee turned Marketer, Entrepreneur, Social Media #Strategist #Speaker @SUCCESSWERKS Inspiring Ideas for the Elite, Unique & Boutique. Co-Founder of Two Twelve Referral Network, Referral Authority, Avid Student of Success & Workout Nut.


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