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how to grip a golf club to fix a slice

how to grip a golf club to fix a slice

There is nothing quite like watching a right to left ball flight after years of slicing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Slicers tend to grip it in their palms as well SLICE FIX- this grip will help you close down that club face to help decrease the slice effect. How to fix a slice is not that difficult, it just takes some time and dedication to ensure you have all the essential elements of your swing working effectively. Does the club come into impact from the inside or outside. If you hit the ball further than 160 yards go with a Stiff Flex. You will notice your backswing gets stronger, you set yourself up for a great shot regardless of the club in your hand and your body will eventually learn to repeat this. Especially when these offline surprises turn into lost balls and added strokes. As a young golfer, I would slice the ball frequently and it used to infuriate me. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. Keep that clubhead speed working for you and you will be set. Grab a marker and draw reference points on your hands to help get them positioned on the club correctly. Follow my six steps to create your own grip. Welcome to the left side of the golf course! Now, I’ve had to work on tempo to make sure things are more steady and solid but never do I slow things down. But you need to hold the golf club with your right and left hand. Thanks, In the particular case of a slice – which fea… You can do this! Instead, work on the release until your body becomes stronger and more efficient at releasing the club. Ensure you are playing with the proper equipment suited to your swing. Taking Aim in the left woods and hoping for the best is not the way to golf for the rest of your life. If you need to take a ¾ length swing that is fine. Grip the club with the left hand first and make sure to have the club sitting primarily in the fingers of the left hand. Don’t think that a more expensive club is going to fix your slice. Left-handed people also make slices in golf. A team of experienced golf instructors, players and writers that work on the GOLFTEC digital team providing industry leading insight on all things golf! Here are articles about changing your grip. The grip is not nearly as fun to practice as bombing 200+ yard drives but it’s extremely important. Not only is the ball flight of a slice difficult because it will likely leave you in the rough or worse, but it also is a very weak shot, costing lots of distance. People tend to swing drivers faster than other clubs, getting the correct result with this club is more difficult but it is possible. Then rotate your left hand counterclockwise so that, when you look down, you can see three knuckles on your left hand. A mistake that a lot of slicers make is they slow down their golf swing to hit a proper shot. Which issue do you think causes your slice the most in your swing? So when you grip your golf club you would like to have the left thumb to the right side of the shaft. What Are The Best Golf Wedges on the Market in 2020? Choose the correct flex on your Driver. Most people that are slicing have the thumb to the top of the shaft or even to the left. Grip Controls the Clubface. Coach Accomplishments: Doug Strawbridge & Carlos Sainz Jr. New Training Center in Houston: GOLFTEC Katy, Two New Training Centers in Atlanta: Alpharetta and Sandy Springs, which are ultimately all due to the relationship between clubface and swing path, GolfTEC’s Director of Teaching Quality, Brad Skupaka, as demonstrated in our Golf Science piece on ball flight laws, by trying to alter just their swing path, instead of the overall clubface-to-swing path relationship, find a GolfTEC Improvement Center near you, Draw a dot at the base of your lead thumb, Draw a second dot on the first joint of your trail index finger, Grip the club and align the thumb dot with the trail edge of the shaft, Then, position the index finger dot directly under the middle of the shaft so that it is hidden, Grip the club and align the thumb dot directly down the middle of the shaft, Then, position the index finger dot flush with the trail edge of the shaft. Ask any expert in PGA Instruction and they will tell you that pros will constantly check their setup, especially before starting their backswing. Grips, however, are individualized. Global golf is running a sale right now and ships for free internationally so don’t miss a great deal on a brand new driver or iron set because this is only available as long as stocks last! Breaking down 5-time Masters Champion, Tiger Woods’ swing, Titleist Launches TSi Drivers with new Face Technology. Choose at least 10.5 degrees of loft if you are struggling with a slice. Drivers with more offset will help to fix a slice. Choosing a flex that is too stiff will make it hard to release and you will slice more. How to Fix a Slice in Golf: Practice the Takeaway. When adjusting your grip as pointed out in (1), try to relieve the pressure since the new grip alone will give you a stronger grip. June 22, 2007 Chuck Evans, G.S.E.D., a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, is one of only 31 golf instructors worldwide designated to hold a doctorate in golf stroke engineering. Many golfers have this problem, so know you’re not alone. Technology has come a long way in improving slices and anything ten or more years old is not going to be as helpful. Hold club at a 45-degree angle to feel wrist hinging and proper grip pressure. All the players who fixed their slice changed the grip. Watch ‘The Golf Fix’ Mondays at 7PM ET. There are some drivers that are built specifically to fix one of the causes of a slice: an open club face at impact. How to grip a golf club — Try these steps to weaken your strong grip and straighten out the hook: For more tips and all the latest instruction, news and equipment information, check out the GolfTEC Scramble daily and find a GolfTEC Improvement Center near you to start playing better golf today! Your grip influences the clubhead’s position at impact (open, square, closed). After so many years of experience teaching this game and seeing the slice I honestly believe it is something that keeps people away from the game. The bottom tip of the “V” formed by your left index … Neglecting the fundamentals in this game will make it much more difficult and a lot less fun. It’s easy to constantly fidget with the grip but you need to work on the fundamentals of your grip to give yourself a chance to square up the clubface. If you are a member of the slicers club I’m sure you have heard all of the one-liners to fix your golf swing. In fact, you have to follow the opposite way of holding the golf club of a left-handed golfer. GOLFTEC Vice President of instruction Nick Clearwater reveals how to grip the club to prevent slicing the ball. At the end of this tutorial, you will know how to fix a slice with a golf driver. You have entered an incorrect email address! This is the area that we see is the main driver of causing the golf ball to slice and leading you to swing the club to the left. By Sabrina Naccarato. Have a friend or a professional golf instructor take a video of your swing. So, if you want to know how to fix a left handed slice in golf, you must do the same. Get down to the bottom of your grip by following these simple ‘rules.’ When you dial your top hand to the right, you’ll promote a square club face at impact and reduce the slice effect. There are 3 key ways to begin fixing your slice – this article covers tips that start controlling the club face. Be careful using old equipment passed down to you. Here are three golf slice fixes that will help make sure the face is not open to your path at impact: Take a stronger grip! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This information is relevant and accurate but to eliminate a slice you need to know how to implement these slice fixes. As you transition from the backswing to the downswing, keep the towel in place. Let’s start by making an incredibly obvious and unsurprising statement: The vast majority of golfers struggle to consistently hit shots that result in their desired ball flight. You will also be able to see no knuckles of the left hand. The wrong grip often triggers a slice. Jim B. Hi Jim, thanks for the comment! Don’t Slow Down! ... Now, squaring the club face up to the swing path is often the job that the hands need to do to release the golf club and rotate the golf club into a good position. The thing is, nothing I tried worked. Dejected, your conclusion was to play the unfortunate, short-knocker’s ball flight for life. The ball’s initial direction is the first variable you’d want to pay close attention to. We told you club face is key for how to fix a slice in golf. Practice hitting shots with an 8 iron instead of a driver and make sure your clubface is square at impact, move up through the bag eventually getting to the Driver. Golfers who tend to slice the ball often grip the club with their hands turned too far toward the target — commonly known as a “weak” grip. Unfortunately, it’s just not always that simple but it is certainly worth reasearching your equipment to make sure it’s going to work with your swing. SLICER GRIP. Take your regular golf posture; Hold the club against your body with the club handle traveling up the center of your chest. You need clubhead speed and momentum to properly release, it is very difficult to stop a slice by slowing everything down. Take a look at the photo to the left. If the towels falls out your arms got too far removed from your body and were on an outside-in swing path. I have not seen anybody who fixed their slice forever without changing the grip. Ditch these mistakes to get rid of a slice: 1. Holding a golf club sounds like the simplest aspect of golf, but it’s not. Don’t try and manually manipulate the clubface to be closed at setup, it won’t help you straighten your slice and could cause pulling to the left. Keep hitting this way with irons, hybrids, drivers, etc and it will teach you the proper swing path. After college, I turned Professional but fell in love with teaching the game of golf. And while there are many contributing factors causing the unexpected and undesired ball flight patterns (which are ultimately all due to the relationship between clubface and swing path), one of the best places to start when thinking about a fix is how you grip the golf club. During the swing your body turns to create power. Your grip. To fix your grip, hold the driver so that the club head is resting on the ground. Watch your video on slow motion and then try and compare to some slow motion videos of professionals. All I needed was the correct information, some drills and a bit of time on the range. If you want to eliminate a slice, or a hook, you MUST learn how to control the clubface through the proper use of the left wrist. A slice is any shot that curves hard to the right in the air (for a right-handed player). But, there IS something that you can do. Make sure to get a head on and down the line view. Most people slice when their path becomes more outside-in than inside out. To check your grip position, hold a club in … Placing your hands properly on the golf club helps you better control the position of the clubface at impact. So, if I grip my driver using the “strong grip” and I end up hooking or hitting to the left…what is going on with my swing to make the ball go left? When you Dial your top hand to the left you are effectively reducing … Grip . I want you to over-exaggerate and turn your right hand too far to the right so that the thumb is on the right side of the shaft. Tilt until you feel the club head hit your lead leg. Right-handed golfers should have the ball positioned on the inside of the left foot. Choosing a flex that is too stiff will make it hard to release and you will slice more. Here are four golf tips on common mistakes players make during their swings. That is not what golf needs, and it can be prevented. I became a Class A PGA Professional and had hundreds of students from age 3 to 93 come to me for lessons. You can stand on the tee box with confidence and know you have a shot at making a par. In order for a shot to feature considerable side spin the clubface must hit the ball with an angle that doesn’t match that of the club path. Or in other words, the clubface will not be perpendicular to the direction of the club at impact if the ball is to spin sideways. Make your grip … . Sign up to receive the Morning Read newsletter, along with Where To Golf Next and The Equipment Insider. Always setup with the clubface square. What Are The Best Fairway Woods Ever in 2020? Check that the V created with your right thumb and forefinger is pointed at your shoulder. Don’t aim left, perfect ball position, pay attention to your divots, fix your grip, elbow tucked, transfer your weight and don’t forget that release! Lesson 1: How to grip a golf club Lesson 2: Fix your slice in 60 seconds Lesson 3: Bunker shots made easy Lesson 4: A chipping tip to change your game Lesson 5: Add power without swinging harder. Two grip mistakes make a slice almost inevitable. Many players use a grip that's too weak--with the thumbs pointing straight down the handle. The grip can be a tricky thing. It would be amazing if you could just set a club to the correct launch and lie and loft and your slice is gone. Therefore, if your shots start too straight we’d recommend you aiming it more to the right of the target (if you’re right handed) or turn your grip less to the right as the article demonstrates. You will feel the release, turning over of the forearms. Wouldn’t that be great if that was the case for everyone? Your problem can be fixed, but as we mentioned, your best first step is to have your swing measured at GOLFTEC. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I started hitting a 3 wood off the tee and it cost me distance and strokes on my game. There’s a number of methods to help you fix your slice. With the proper setup, the correct left-hand position, staying connected on the backswing and downswing and a square clubface anything is possible. Take a look down at your top hand on the grip of the golf club when in the set-up position. Let us know if our tutorial helped you to start to see the left side of the golf course again! In all the years I’ve played this game, every single time I try and slow it down I hit a terrible shot. How to Correct a Drive Slice. Try to see 3 or more knuckles on the lead hand and hold the club in the fingers and not the palm. When I finally committed to fixing the slice, it didn’t take long. In that case, your standing position would be the same. I would swing a bit harder, try harder, close the clubface, aim way left and many other things to try and fix a slice. Sometimes a slice is not your fault! The left hand V usually is pointed to the left of the body. Golfers often find themselves in the woods after hitting a slice. Check out our in depth guide on finding the best driver for a slice. Make sure the thumb on the trail or lower hand is pointed back up somewhere between your right collar and right shoulder. That’s the amount of tilt you need. Most golfers who slice the ball hold the club in the palm of their hands when you should rather hold the club in your fingers with light pressure. There may have been a point in your golf career when you had finally given up on fixing your slice. Choose at least 10.5 degrees of loft if you are struggling with a slice. Download our instruction app from iTunes or Google play The first step to writing your ticket to better ball flight? If you can get your left hand in the proper spot than the right should follow suit. What Are The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs on the Market in 2020, Best Golf Accessories: 20 Must-Haves for Every Golfer, As you swing back, keep the towel in place. Seeing your own golf swing can be helpful, scary and empowering all at the same time. If you’re struggling with overdrawing the best advice we can give you is to seek out a Coach and have your swing measured to find the best starting point to solve that problem. As you swing away from the ball, you want to rotate the logo downward so it points at the ground. GOLFTEC Tips GOLFTEC tip: Fixing the slice with a better grip That's all there is to it. A grip position that is too “weak” – where the hands are rotated to the left of a “neutral” position – the clubface to close on the backswing and open on the downswing, creating a severe left-to-right slice (for right-handers). Place a towel under your right arm in the armpit area on your backswing (If you are a right-handed golfer). The slice shot with the driver is a common shot among amateur golfers. Watch as Michael Breed gives you a simple tip to help you grip the club correctly for the perfect swing! In the two videos below, he also illustrates how to change your grip and convert that slice into a draw, or pull-hook into a straight-launching bullet at your target. How to grip a golf club — Try these steps to aid the clubface-to-path relationship gap causing your slice: For golfers who struggle with an overdrawing ball flight, we often see a grip that is turned too far away from the target — commonly known as a “strong” grip. Both of those adjustments will help you start the ball further to the right of the target and curve the ball less. One of the best drills for making sure that your swing is on the correct path is the towel under the arm drill. Of course while this is as known in the world of golf as the name Tiger Woods, a sliced golf shot — when what you wanted to hit was a soft push draw toward the target — doesn’t become any less infuriating just because you know you’re not alone in the world. The grip is your only connection with the golf club. Michael Breed, host of ‘The Golf Fix,’ has a simple drill to help you eliminate your slice. The left-hand position on the club is the most important. This is the position that produces the slice. How to grip a golf club: Fix your slice and hook by changing your golf grip, VIDEO: Strengthen your grip to fix a slice, Best of 2020: Top Instruction and Equipment stories. Hitting a driver while on the downswing leads to a slice. It may take some time, as we all know, golf is not a game that can be learned overnight but it will be worth it. Now here is the bad news, people hate changing their grips. A proper golf grip can help cure your slice by forcing the club face to remain square at impact. Lay the club perpendicularly across the base of the fingers on your left hand (above, right), rather than diagonally across your palm (above, left). This type of grip can often close (and de-loft) the clubface too much in relationship to the swing path and target at impact, leading to the dreaded duck-hook. Choose the correct flex on your Driver. . As you complete your backswing and start to transition to your downswing some rotation of the forearms will allow the clubface to go from open to square to closed. The image to the far right demonstrates what an open club face at impact looks like. I started playing golf at the age of seven. How to grip a golf club — Try these steps to aid the clubface-to-path relationship gap causing your slice: Draw a dot at the base of your lead thumb Draw a second dot on the first joint of your trail index finger Grip the club and align the thumb dot with the trail edge of the shaft When I ask players to fix their grip for example, they will automatically fix their faulty golf swing positions at the same time. This rotation gets the club face in a closed position, and that closed position helps you correct the slice immediately. Since the body is rotating, the golf club must rotate at the same rate. When holding the club in your left hand and looking down you should be able to see two knuckles. The Takeaway for Practicing Golfers While you’re looking for that help , here is some information to get you moving in a better direction. It just made me more frustrated. Teaching and player improvement is my passion. A slicer grip will have two V’s created by the forefinger and the thumb. When your shoulders don’t have the correct tilt angle it makes it very hard for you to square the clubface up and swing on the proper path. If you are struggling with a slice, you probably have had some problems with your grip and are holding the club too tight. (Quick tip: strengthen your grip, take the club more outside on the backswing, and swing more to right field on the downswing). So, GolfTEC’s Director of Teaching Quality, Brad Skupaka, is here to explain how various hand positions on the golf club can affect your ball flight. It took away all of my confidence off the tee and was greatly affecting my scores. Some questions to ask (to find the cause of your slice): Thanks for reading our tutorial on how to fix a slice with your Golf Drivers. What do these Masters contenders do so well? Hitting slice after slice can be frustrating and embarrassing. If you are someone that continually struggles with a slice, start your warmup with this every time you go to the range. This can be difficult to understand and explain without a great drill to help. Some tips to make sure the club face returns to square at impact . To perfect your golf grip on the takeaway, note the position of the logo on your golf glove. Fix Your Slice With a Stronger Golf Grip - (Video) - Lesson by PGA Pro Pete Styles. If you hit the ball further than 160 yards go with a Stiff Flex. 10-MINUTE FIX: Hank Haney's tips to eliminate a slice The farther left you aim, the more the ball seems to want to wind up going right. Changing Your Grip. Many also add to this problem by trying to alter just their swing path, instead of the overall clubface-to-swing path relationship, which can make the ball curve more offline instead of less. What they are really saying is that they are going to be married to that slice forever, because the slice goes away when the hands are put on the club in the proper manner. Does my right arm stay close to my body or move away? This leads to an “open” clubface at impact in relationship to your swing path, which, as demonstrated in our Golf Science piece on ball flight laws, causes the ball to slice away from the target. If your experience with a slice is that it’s just not worth trying to correct, you are wrong. The content did exactly what was intended…stopping your slice. Proper ball position also allows your shoulders to be at the correct tilt angle to eliminate a slice. The clubface angle at impact is the variable controlling that. Here are a few important things to keep in mind when selecting the correct equipment. What Are The Best Golf Putters on the Market in 2020? Proper ball position promotes hitting the ball on the upwing. A slice shot is caused by a poor grip and setup, an outside-to-in downswing path and an open clubface. Golf Grip To Cure A Slice. Reverse your slice with these 4 simple adjustments.

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