Building a Hometown Realty on Creating a Culture of Hard Work and Fun

Building a Hometown Realty on Creating a Culture of Hard Work and Fun

Mike Chenault and Deane Cheatham Builds Hometown Realty on hard work and fun. Two of five proprietors of Richmond, Virginia-based Hometown Realty is one of the top real estate companies in Central Virginia. And they did it from scratch.

With all the success they have had, these family-oriented guys are very down to earth, real and still hungry.  They live their core values and culture hard work, fun. If you get a chance to be friends with them on Facebook, you will see it very prevalent in their pictures and posts.

But don’t let these seemingly simple, regular guys who played football together at Hampden-Sydney fool you. They are sharp as anyone in the real estate game. More importantly, they understand people and how to motivate them.

If you are looking to build a company which is driven by a great culture, Episode 18 of Success Secrets is a must listen with Mike Chenault and Deane Cheatham of Hometown Realty.

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A Few of the Questions I Ask:

  • What got you started in business?
  • How did you grow so fast?
  • What was your turning point?
  • How do 5 strong partners work together?
  • What was the biggest challenge you had and how did you handle it?
  • How do you incorporate fun?
  • Where did you get your culture?
  • What should you be asking?
  • And our Speed Round Questions.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Their ONLY RULE in their business.
  • The difference and similarities of millennials in business. 
  • Their 5 keys to building their real estate business.
  • Building a strong team through alumni.
  • The importance of training your people.
  • The value of FUN.
  • The key to referrals.
  • The value of investing in clients.
  • The Power of practicing what you preach.
  • Handing the challenge of a recession.
  • Most Memorable Sale.
  • Their keys to success.
  • And Much More.

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