Alex Bartholomaus on the Endurance Executive & Elite Performance

Alex Bartholomaus on the Endurance Executive & Elite Performance

I was introduced to Alex Bartholomaus through a friend from my days in the corporate world. Alex’s knowledge, expertise and insights in emotional intelligence (EQ) really helped my staff and I when my first started growing my business. Over the years, he has become a mentor and friend.

After growing his family wine business from $1MM to $37MM, Alex used his business experience from the wine industry to grow and thrive in his current consulting business People Stretch Solutions. It also landed him on Episode 486 of WineLibrayTV with one of my most sought after future podcast interviewees — Best Selling Author and Internet Celebrity Gary Vaynerchuck!

Alex just published his first book the ‘Endurance Executive: A CEO’s Perspective on the Marathon of Elite Business Performance; breaking down the physical, mental and emotional process of the marathon of business. (available on Amazon)

On this Episode of Success Secrets, Alex will share his story, struggles and success of what it means to be an Endurance Executive and his passion for self-awareness. A must listen if you are an executive, entrepreneur or just want to get to the next level of business, and life.

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“The more you succeed, the more you have to prepare.”

A Few of the Questions I Ask:

  • How did you get into emotional intelligence? 
  • Why did you decide to write this book now? 
  • What happens when you hit the wall?
  • How do you handle preparation?
  • What is the difference between desire and passion?
  • How does the physical affect the mental?
  • What is the difference between desire and passion?
  • How do you organize and develop your goals?
  • Where do you start in building a support team?
  • How do you communicate in a family business?
  • What are ways to stay on top of sales as a CEO or owner?
  • How can you increase your network or funnel?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Alex got on Gary Vaynerchuck’s Show
  • Marrying Passion, Desire, and Execution
  • Breaking down Goals
  • Visualizing your Goals
  • Mental, Emotional & Physical Preparation
  • Building your Support Team
  • Aligning your Different Goals
  • Market Research for CEOs
  • Alex Keys to Success
  • and Much More…

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Success Secrets – Episode 9. Interview with Alex Bartholomaus on the Marathon of Elite Business Performance.

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